A groundbreaking development
in chemically-foamed
ADCA-free cables

Breakthrough solutions for a brighter, safer future

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Introducing the world’s first chemically-foamed ADCA-free HDPE

In a groundbreaking development for cable manufacturers, Borealis’ launch of HE1355 means for the first time there is an ADCA-free material for use as a blowing agent in foamed communication cables.

Recognised as a respiratory sensitiser, ADCA has been classified as a Substance of Very High Concern by REACH. And in 2019, the European Commission recommended ADCA be listed as a chemical that requires authorisation for use. The arrival of HE1355 ensures there is now an alternative that’s free from harmful substances, bypasses the need for lengthy authorisation, and comparable to ADCA in terms of performance.

How HE1355 benefits your business

ADCA authorisation

Bypasses the costly need for ADCA authorisation, which takes up to four years.

Time limit

There is no limit to the length of time HE1355 is authorised for use.

Technical performance

Matches the technical performance of ADCA- containing solutions.


Safeguards the cable value-chain against ADCA’s harmful effects.

Developing innovative

HE1355 is designed to replace ADCA-containing chemically-foamed grades such as HE1345 and HE1344. Matching their technical performance, HE1355 is superbly processable and well stabilised. It also exhibits the toughness for fast multipair assembly, and therefore poses itself as the perfect alternative to all previous ADCA-containing HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) chemically-foamed grades on the market.

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Offering sustainable solutions

The latest in a series of innovative new telecommunication cable solutions developed by Borealis, HE1355 follows the launch of HE4883 in 2017 and ME1254 in 2018.

Ready for a brighter, safer future?

Bringing energy all around via sustainable solutions, Borealis offers cable makers a seamless transition to the ADCA-free alternative. It is our aim to be a reliable partner and we’re here to help your organisation work towards a brighter, safer future.