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          Leading innovator

          Inspired by our customers’ and market needs, our Innovation Centres across Europe and the UAE deliver step-change solutions on a global scale. Our accomplishments include advances in insulation layers, semi-conductive shields and jacketing solutions for energy, communications cables and capacitor film.

          Clean energy becomes increasingly important, cities are growing and transportation modes are becoming electric, the trend towards digitalisation is rising. Borealis and Borouge are ready for the future and we are proud to show how we answer these challenges.

          Over the years, we have created a comprehensive portfolio of complimentary solutions by working closely with stakeholders across the value chain. Innovations that not only offer clear application benefits, but also processing and productivity improvements. 

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          Reliable partner

          We have a proven track record of partnering with the most demanding energy segments for over 45 years. From our production facilities in Europe, North America and the UAE, we supply consistent and high quality products to our global customer base.

          See what our customers say about our VisicoTM / AmbicatTM solutions
          See what our customers say about our VisicoTM / AmbicatTM solutions


          We strive to be a reliable partner. Through our unique materials, cutting-edge innovations and local support, we want to ensure our customers can focus on their core business.

          Our dedicated sales, marketing and technical professionals actively share our expertise with customers around the world to help them realise their targets. 


          To ensure the quality of our energy solutions, to secure their long-term performance and to protect the environment, we work closely with international standardisation bodies. We will not spare any effort to make sure our solutions adhere to the highest quality standards.

          Investing for the future

          We are driving our international expansion to ensure a local presence and meet the global growth of energy markets. Backed by our strong and committed owners, we are investing in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to make our innovative solutions available to our expanding customer base.

          LD5, High pressure plant, Stenungsund, Sweden
          High pressure plant

          Meeting the demand

          The EUR 400 million investment in the Borealis plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, is an example of our commitment. Inaugurated in 2010, this new 350,000 tonnes per year high pressure, low-density PE plant strengthened our ability to meet the needs of the growing wire and cable market.

          A new high pressure LDPE plant and XLPE compounding facility are integral components of the massive Borouge 3 expansion project in Abu Dhabi. From 2016 onwards, wire and cable grades – including Borlink™ medium voltage and Visico low voltage grades – are produced at this brand new plant and distributed to the market from what is now the world's largest integrated polyolefins complex. Borouge will have an annual production capacity of 4.5 million tonnes.

          As a further example, in 2016 Borealis announced a EUR 3.5 million investment in its Electrical Testing Lab facilities at the Innovation Centre in Stenungsund, Sweden. The Electrical Lab investment will further enhance existing electrical competence and expertise in project execution, and encourage cooperation with customers and external partners.

          By increasing the capability of electrical testing of cables produced at its own cable extrusion facility, it will enable Borealis to simulate alternate current (AC) and direct current (DC) performance of model medium voltage cables and expand development capabilities.

          Our solutions

          The Energy business consists of the following five solutions: energy transmission, energy distribution, buildings and OEM, capacitor film and communication.

          Energy transmission

          The transmission of power is at the heart of the energy value chain, from generation to delivering it at the end user, whether it be home owners or large industrial complexes. As energy generation is switching to more sustainable sources, the transmission grids need to adapt by integrating often remote renewable power plants and by connecting with other transmission networks.

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          Energy Distribution

          When it comes to producing cables for energy distribution, or for connecting renewable energy sources to an (offshore) export substation or to the grid (land), achieving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is paramount. Borealis solutions offer just that through enhanced cable productivity, superior electrical performance and outstanding long term reliability.

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          Buildings & OEM

          Homes, offices, cars, and solar installations have one thing in common: everyone expects them to be safe.

          To meet this expectation, cables have to comply with stringent regulations on flame propagation and smoke generation, in addition to fulfilling many other industry-specific requirements.

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          Capacitor film

          Producing reliable capacitor films with consistent long-term high performance is one of the key challenges in capacitor film manufacturing. 

          Making thinner films with increased heat resistance and higher capacitance is another major challenge.

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          The digitalisation of society is changing our lives. Driven by consumer and business needs, internet traffic grows more than 20% each year. This means data cables with higher frequencies and broader bandwidths are required.

          As society increasingly depends on internet connections, the importance of reliable communication cables is also growing.

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