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A variety of solutions exist for energy distribution cable insulation and sheathing. But only one offers high resilience and compatibility with increasing electricity demand, whilst at the same time, ensuring a low carbon footprint in an economic way.

Combining cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheathing is a solution that’s proved its value in Western Europe and the Nordic states for over 40 years. It’s a solution that can:

Increase cable longevity
Increase cable longevity info
Cables insulated with XLPE and sheathed with HDPE are extremely resilient, increasing the time between replacement and reducing total cost of ownership. They are also able to withstand higher operating temperatures, enhancing safety and increasing grid capacity.
Reduce operating costs
Reduce operating costs info
With lower thermal and volume resistivity, over the lifetime of a cable, a combined XLPE / HDPE solution reduces energy loss – and operating costs.
Future-proof against rising demand
Future-proof against rising demand info
Because XLPE insulation is able to cope with higher levels of electricity transfer, as the world continues to demand more electricity in the future, it gives utilities a better solution for energy transfer.
Provide greater resilience against water and heat
Provide greater resilience against water and heat info
Compared to alternative solutions, XLPE insulation also offers a 23% higher maximum conductor temperature and a 66% improvement in short circuit temperatures. And with a water absorption rate of less than 0.1mg/cm2, the combined solution is the optimal choice for applications where the cable maybe exposed to the natural environment, and more specifically to moist soil conditions.
Simplify installation
Simplify installation info
Thanks to the increased hardness and impact resistance of HDPE sheathing, the combined solution is also easier, faster and cheaper to install than alternative materials for sheathing.
Reduce carbon footprint
Reduce carbon footprint info
With a smaller carbon footprint over the lifetime of a cable, a reduction in energy transfer losses and fewer harmful chemicals released in the event of a fire, the combined XLPE / HDPE cable solution is significantly more eco-friendly. What’s more, HDPE can be recycled for use in future cable solutions and, while XLPE can’t yet be reused in cables, it can be combined with virgin material for a variety of alternative applications.

Welcome to Visico and Borstar®

Compared to the alternatives, we offer a more versatile, durable energy cable solution. It works by combining Visico™ XLPE insulation with a Borstar® HDPE jacket. What’s more, despite the cable being thinner and lighter, the combined solution delivers greater energy efficiency and a greater return on investment over its 40+ year service lifetime.

Why not watch our short film for a closer look at how it works.

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