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New FR8101 cable jacketing offers the highest level of flame retardancy

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Borealis and Borouge are proud to launch FR8101, a new flame retardant jacketing grade for highly demanding low-voltage cables.

Safer, more efficient, and better performing than current alternatives, FR8101 is the latest solution designed to bring energy all round.

Combining FR8101 with Borealis’ Visico/Ambicat cable eliminates the need to invest in an additional layer of flame retardant insulation, offering manufacturers a complete cable solution from a single provider.

Improving on existing building fire safety

FR8101 is based on highly flame retardant (FR) hydrate technology, which in the event of a fire, releases water to reduce the rate of fire reaction. FR8101 jacketing is resistant to flaming droplets, which are a major cause of spreading fire in buildings where cables are installed in walls and on roofs. Retaining its shape in immense heat, FR8101 jacketing remains on the cable even when burnt, meaning the spread of fire in this way is prevented and existing fire safety measures are improved.

Discover a safer jacketing

Trusted leaders in FR compounds

The latest addition to Borealis and Borouge’s family of FR products, FR8101 offers the highest level of flame retardancy to date.

And that’s not all. FR8101 provides various advantages down the value chain, bypassing the need for FR bedding or insulation, enabling cable makers to run production lines at high speed, and meets high class C or D in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) category. To explore all the benefits in detail, download our flyer.

A reliable partner offering robust and sustainable solutions

By introducing FR8101, Borealis and Borouge offers cable makers a simple solution that meets new EU CPR requirements, while reducing the complexity in the production process, and retaining cable efficiency and performance.

When cable makers decide to transition to this new grade, they’ll be increasing their sustainability standards in terms of health and safety, and contributing to a more protected environment for all.